Information for Preachers and Worship Leaders

Local preachers are members of the Methodist Church who have gone through training and testing of their call to become accredited to preach God's word and lead His people in worship. Originally, the term local preacher showed the difference between those who stayed in a local area and those who moved around the country as ministers (presbyters). Even today all Methodist Ministers have first to become Local Preachers.

Worship Leaders are members of the local church who have been trained and commissioned to share in preparing and leading worship alongside the minister or local preacher.

Plan and related information

Download the latest circuit plan for details of services.

Download Preachers Guide which gives information for all the churches in our circuit (Edition 4, 2018)

Methodist Special Sundays are listed here

BSB Grant Application Template here

Useful links and resources

The Methodist Church's central website contains useful information for local preachers and for worship leaders

In addition preachers and worship leaders are offered additional resources for shaping worship and preaching by their own charity, the Leaders of Worship & Preachers Trust (LWPT) who publish an on-line magazine.

Further resources are available via Roots magazine though a subscription is required to access some resources